Principal’s Welcome

The school was founded in 1980 in Masuo, Kashiwa City, to create a new high school education based on the tradition of Shibaura Institute of Technology. We started co-education in 1990 and opened a junior high school in 1999. Currently, there are 15 classes (about 570 students) at junior high school and 21 classes (about 850 students) at high school.

Society is always changing. Around 2030, artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to have cognitive and discriminative abilities close to what humans have, and it is believed that this will bring major changes to a wide range of fields. Also, the IT revolution instantly connected the world, and the market economy accelerated the globalization of the world.

In the field of education, “bringing up” and “growing up” are performed at the same time, but at our school, we aim for students to have the opportunity to “grow up” by themselves. Teachers will teach lessons and have relationships with students at school events, student council activities and club activities, to make them more aware and to create scenes in which students can act responsibly.

The basic policy is to increase the number of opportunities for students. It is said that the attitude of self-learning consists of the trinity of setting goals, making learning methods routine, and self-understanding. Self-understanding deepens through the experience of asking questions like “Why is this happening?” and “What should I do? “We believe that increasing the experience of deepening this self-understanding will lead to “growing up” on their own, which will become the school tradition.
Furthermore, we introduced our unique system, “SK Rubric for Students”, to practice our fundamental policy concretely. “SK Rubric for Students” is a rubric which, of course, enables every student to assess themselves when they study. Also, the rubric makes it possible for students to evaluate how much of the six general skills they acquired necessary for school events, club activities, and so on. By making the most of this system, we are aiming at students “growing” subjectively. Based on this policy, our school must motivate students to be able to find a way of their own, even if they are put into a diverse global society or society drastically changing with technological innovation including A.I. Besides, our school has been re-accredited as a Super Science High school since 2018. Thus, we are trying to take many kinds of initiatives, particularly in science and mathematics education with advanced research and a developed school.

We are going to work together to strengthen the open school culture of Shibakashi, and we will do our best to develop students who can take full advantage of the admission policy, “personality” and “creativity” in the modern world.

Spirit of Foundation: Develop creativity and Display Originality

Following our spirit of foundation, “Develop Creativity and Display Originality”, we aim to raise an adult who has a broad mind and compassion for people who loves nature, and has rich humanity, and who is willing to fulfill his responsibilities at home, in society, and for all humankind. Furthermore, we aim to maximize the individuality of ourselves, create a new culture in this world, and produce talented humans who contribute widely to society.

Five educational policies
We value every student, to improve their human growth as individuals, and the ability for them to live and learn independently and make them aware of their irreplaceable self. For this reason, we have set up five policies below.

Creativity Education
We will value each individual, discover the potential of students, and carry out education to foster them.

We will educate students by focusing on their autonomy by nurturing their minds, broadening their horizons, and raising their interests.

Zest for Life
We will provide education that allows students to seriously learn in a creative and fulfilling class, acquire the deep academic ability, and select various career paths.

Sensibility Education
In addition to brushing up the students’ individuality while interacting with each other and with their teachers, we will provide education, where we implement a harmonious way of life within the group.

Health and Safety Education
We will provide education to develop appropriate physical strength according to the growth stage of each student and to cultivate an attitude to actively seek out safety.

Access (Getting to Shibakashi from)
From Kashiwa station -15 mins. by school bus
From Shin-Kashiwa station – 5 mins. by school bus, 25 mins on foot.

Education Content: Develop and enhance new “global scientific skills” that open up the future.

Course-based learning started in the junior high school from fiscal 2016 to develop global science skills. Based on the previous efforts as a Super Science High School (SSH) and the achievements accumulated at Shibaura Science, (which has evolved independently), it is possible to conduct a global science class, where students conduct project research not only in science but also in the field of humanities.

Concerning SSH classes: All students who belong to the Global Science Class are required to take SSH classes, and students who belong to the General Learning Classes can take them after school. This class composition is to promote learning that suits each individual.

Students in the Global Science Class aim at the most prestigious national universities, including the University of Tokyo. Students take courses according to the required subjects from the university. In the regular classes, we aim to understand and express ourselves while also conducting active learning.

Students in the General Learning Classes aim at national universities and high level private universities. While conducting supplementary training, we will study 7 major subjects at a high level. Some classes in English and mathematics are conducted according to their proficiency. For Year 12 students, we have a detailed course system to suit the university you want to go enroll in. For Year 11 and 12 students, we will change the organization of the Global Science Class according to students’ choice. If there are many applicants, the grades will be used for selection.

Super Science High School (SSH)
We have been designated as a Super Science High School (SSH) since 2018, following the designation from 2004 to 2008. With our aim of developing future international science and technology human resources, students will research with an emphasis on science and mathematics education.

Global Education
The global power we think of is more than just mastering English. It is the ability not only to understand and accept the cultures and values of our own country and all other countries, but also to think logically, express our own opinions, and collaborate. Besides, we aim to raise students who can play an active role in the world by acquiring self-management abilities.

Science Education
At our school, we are offering “Shibaura Science”, which is an extension of the efforts of Super Science High School, designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology to foster creative scientists. Also, we are developing students’ science capabilities through a variety of programs that cultivate the ability to independently work on problem-solving.

School Events
Masuo Festival (cultural festival) is one of the biggest events in Shibakashi. Students cooperate to liven up the festival. As for the choral festival, it is held in a big hall, and students compete for class harmony there. We also have athletic events: a sports meeting for junior high school, and ball games at high school. Junior high students are separated into five teams, and senior high students have class matches in ball games. In each of the heated games, unity among students is promoted.

Career Guidance
We are starting various school reforms so that students can achieve their dreams at a high level.